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Strange catches on The Mangler fishing lures and tackle.

Everybody has heard about people catching boots or trash while out fishing. Here are a few strange things that fisherman have caught while fishing The Mangler. If you've caught something strange on The Mangler, let us know and we will post it here.

Crawdad or crayfish caught on inline spinner on the Clark Fork River. Crayfish caught while spinner fishing the Clark Fork River just below where Rock Creek River hits it. The crafish definitely put up a strange fight as I reeled it in. I did snag this crawdad around the claw with the hook. Did I snag it or was it reaching out for a kill? Who knows, but still a fun fishing picture?
Unidentified trout caught on inline spinner.
Here is a trout that hasn't been identified for sure yet. This trout was caught in Utah spinner fishing the Price River. If you want to learn more read the full fishing article.