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Picture of a 1/4 oz. Squidy Mangler Inline SpinnerbaitThe Squidy Mangler comes in 3 different sizes.
The Squidy Mangler comes in 25 different skirt colors.
You may choose from a single hook or the standard hook styleAdd stickers to your spinner blade for an extra $.25

       The Squidy Mangler inline spinnerbait is a just as effective catching largemouth bass or smallmouth bass in your local lake or pond as it is catching trout out of a creek or river.  This fishing lure will catch any kind of fish including, pike, salmon, crappie, perch, panfish, walleye and many others. 

       The new spinnerbait blade starts spinning instantly, giving off a unique sound and flash. The Squidy Mangler fishing lure is great for working structure. Nothing is more frustrating than making the perfect cast, but your fishing lure doesn't start spinning until you are far from the strike zone. You won't have this problem fishing our tackle, slow it down and work it deep or speed it up, this lure spins instantly at any speed. You will love the control and instant spinning action in those small creeks and rivers.

       The vinyl spinnerbait skirt is incredibly tough yet soft , giving this fishing lure great action with a life like feel that fish can't resist.   Many of our Squidy Mangler fishing lures have glow in the dark skirts, but they all have glow in the dark eyeballs. Our quality fishing tackle comes with nickel plated hooks and thick spinnerbait wire.  Pick from three different sizes.

Build the Squidy Mangler spinnerbait your way. Use the shopping cart below to custom build your fishing lure.