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Floating the river in pontoon boats for river trout.

Trout fishing the river on pontoon boats. I really like wading the river for trout, but floating the river in a pontoon boat is tons of fun. You always see two or three man float boats. They are very expensive compared to the one man pontoon boats. The only real problem with the one man pontoon boats is that you don't have someone steering while you fish. It is pretty hard to row with the oars while casting or reeling in a nice trout. Lots of people find nice spots to pull over and fish the big holes. Personally I like to fish smaller holes along cutoff banks or under bushes. I get most of my biggest fish out of smaller current holes.

When I fish a lake I always use flippers to help me steer and slowly drift a bank while I make my casts. My friend thought it was weird to use flippers on the river, but he was sold instantly as he watched me control myself in the rapids while landing a nice brown trout. Flippers will allow you to drop you oars most of the time. Now you can concentrate on fishing and you can fish through the holes instead of pulling over to fish.

I really love fishing The Mangler inline spinners while floating. They spin instantly evertime, never hanging up like other trout lures. You only have a second to make that perfect cast and you don't want your lures performance to cancel out that precision cast. Don't count out the Mangler crankbaits though. The three inch crankbaits are my favorite size, but I have been fishing the big ones lately. The six inch crankbaits wobble right near the bottom where the trophy trout hang out. Using a bigger bait I have been noticing that the average size fish I am catching has gone way up.

Most of these boats have a rack on the back where you can put your cooler. Why not put some camping gear on the back of your pontoon and turn your float into a nice camping trip? Have fun out there. These little pontoon boats are great for fishing ponds or floating the river. The best part is that they only cost a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand dollars like the big float boats.