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The Squidy Mangler inline spinner baits were field tested and approved by fishermen in The North American Fishing Club NAFC
The Squidy Mangler fishing lures seal of approval awarded by NAFC fishermen.

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NAFC Magazine March 2005

Here's a preview of what some of the
500 field testers have said about our fishing lures.

NAFC Field Tester Jim Jeannette
"The first time I used it, I landed a largemouth on the first cast"

NAFC Field Tester Flo R Woods
"The Mangler outfished the Mepps Aglia 8-1 that day"

NAFC Field Tester Dean Harbaugh
"Caught 3 walleye in the 15-16 inch range, in the first hour of use. Others were using similiar spinners (i.e. Panther Martin #6) didn't hook up. The Mangler has earned a place in my tackle box."

NAFC Field Tester LLoyd Mc Sweene
"I have consistently caught, largemouth bass, rockfish, croakers, white and yellow perch, blue gill and crappie. In my book, that makes for a versatile spinning lure. I love The Mangler lure."

NAFC Field Tester Daniel Charles
"Within one hour I got 20 Northern Pike."

NAFC Field Tester Steve Koes
I fished The Mangler in the most over fished pond I know of. I would often go there for hours and not get a single bite. I used The Mangler for about an hour. I caught 2 nice bass and a 2-3 pound trout. Any lure that can do that on this pond, is one worth buying 2 or 3 of."

NAFC Field Tester Randall Bryan
You can fish this bait in any type of situation and get fish. This would be a perfect lure to tie on for your kids. The spinner starts immediately at slow retrieve. It is perfectly balanced for casting. The Mangler slaughters smallmouths."

NAFC Field Tester Peter Pyburn
"I'll go in after this lure if it's snagged."

NAFC Field Tester Christopher Nagy
"This lure is one of the best inline spinners I have ever seen."