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What kind of trout is this?

Picture of an unidentified trout caught on the Price River near Helper, Utah.

Have you ever caught a trout that you didn't know what species is was? I caught this trout on the Price River near Helper, Utah. This is a great little creek with tons of fish. I think you could catch a Rainbow Trout on just about every cast. Every once in a while though you catch a tiny little trout that fights ferociously for it's size. These unidentified trout have a really tight fast wiggle when you reel them in. They are very strange looking as you can see by the photo. I have had a few people tell me that this is a tiger trout. I always thought that they had worm markings, not leopard spots. I have found a few pictures of tiger trout that have leopard spots, but they don't look like this. One thing I did notice for sure is that all of the tiger trout pictures vary. The only thing that seems to be similiar about the tiger trout pictures on the internet is that none of them look the same. I have had a few biologists speculate that it is a brown trout with a skin pigment mutation. If you can catch one of these, please take it into to the fisheries office in Utah and have it tested. If you find out what kind of trout this is please let us know.

Picture of a nice rainbow trout caught with a Mangler inline spinner on the Price River near Helper, Utah.

This is a picture of one of the many Rainbow trout that you will catch in the Price River. Bring some Mangler Squidy and Original inline spinners. The Rainbow trout and mystery trout love to hit them. We caught more fish than we could count.