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Capri and Pass high mountain lakes in the Bitterroot National Forest, Montana.

Spring falls on warm springs trail #103 Bitterroot National Forest Montana There are lots of ways to back pack into Capri and Pass lakes. We decided to hike up warm springs creek trail #103 and drop down into these beautiful high mountains lakes using trail #400. This is a fairly easy hike, but the total hike is approximately 10 miles long. This isn't the prettiest hike that I've ever been on. Most of the terrain is fairly plain. Don't expect to find a lot of jagged peaks or rock formations. Some areas of the trail go through old burn areas. You will definitely want to leave at first light in order to avoid the heat. The junction from trail #103 to #400 has a nice surprise, a towering waterfall called Spring Falls. This is a very high waterfall. The roaring noise and cool area makes for a great spot to take a break and enjoy the mid afternoon. Careful though you are resting on a very high cliff and it will make you dizzy after that long hike.
Pass lake Bitterroot National Forest Montana
The first lake you come to is a pretty little lake called Pass lake. We were a little deflated to find motorcycle tracks around the lake. We always try to hike into lakes that aren't easy to get to. Never the less we took a break and started fishing Mangler trout spinning lures. Within seconds we both had nice little cutthroat trout on the line. The water is very clear and we could see lots of schooling trout. They average size seemed to be in the 9-12 inch range. These trout are perfect eating size and there are plenty of them. After a nice break and our fill of trout we decided to make our way down the creek to Capri Lake.

Capri lake Bitterroot National Forest Montana As we came onto Capri Lake we noticed that the camping spots are fairly sparce. There are only really two good camping spots on the whole lake. We chose the one in the trees. The mosquitos were every where. We started a smoky fire immediately. This seemed to really clean them out of the area. It was fairly strange however. These mosquitos seemed really weak. The remained low to the ground like they were sick or something. I guess there isn't a lot of food for them at this lake.
High mountain lake cutthroat trout, caught on Mangler inine spinner baits. After getting camp set up we needed some food so it was time to fish. Wow! This lake has some huge trout for a high moutain lake. We were catching 16 inch plus cutthroat on almost every cast with our Mangler inline trout spinners. This might not be the prettiest hike or the best camping, but the fishing is so good that you really don't get to fish for very long. You pretty much only get to fish right before every meal. Probably a good problem. You will definitely hike most of the food out that you back packed into Capri lake.